Wednesday, October 15, 2008

View From A Distance


Am I the only one who has wondered how we suddenly had the entire US congress racing up and down the marble hallways desperately trying to find an insta-answer to the fact that the whole US economy - omigod- TODAY! - RIGHT NOW!!! - was gonna come to an awful end, tumbling like the Jherico walls?

Seems pretty damned convenient, if you ask me. Convenient? To whom?

Or perhaps it has already occured to you that this unaffordable Seven Hundred BILLION Dollar "rescue" happened with barely a month or two left to take any more profit at the taxpayer's trough. That this was just the last clear chance for the Cheney-Bushes raiding party, one more time, to crack open the American piggy bank again before exit. To give more government money to their already rich friends!

If you'll recall, George's original bailout plan called for no repayment, no reprisals, no constraints, in fact, NO governing of any kind for this handout to the poor (sic(k)) so-called financial genius CEO bastards who had driven their own companies, and the housing market, into the ground chasing the Gordon Ghekko Credo.


Just give 'em the money.

So Mr., Ms, and Mom 'n' Pop America wouldn't have to, in their wretched little non-country club lives, suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune for merely mortgaging themselves into the American Dream.

And nobody in this over-priviledged money club seemed to see it coming. Nobody jailed. Nobody blamed. No parking priveledges at the spa and driving range cancelled.

Gosh, don't you want a job like that?

Didn't it strike you as just a little bit out-of-the-blue odd?

"Wooooolf! Wooooolf!" From the same guy who in 1999 started another pre-election recession by merely proclaiming then that there was one. There wasn't. But after a landslide of press panic - voilla - gee, guess what...a recession.

Makes ya kinda wanna go hmmmmm.

Thank you, Nancy Pelossi, for at minimum collapsing the golden parachutes, and making the financial Stupidity Kings at least promise to pay it back.

Maybe Gordon was right.

If you know the right people in the right places, move in the right circles and you make over 1.2 million annual with options, perks AND bennies:


Could someone there please get this over with soon and bring back America so I can come home.

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