Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Expensive No Charge


These are the things I have blown up so far trying to use international transformers on Romanian current:

1 Desktop Tower Computer
Nobody told me there was a 110-220 switch on the back plate till too late.
Fortunately, I learned about the switch before I plugged in the other tower.
Bye-bye power supply.

1 Epson Photo Stylus 320 Color Printer.
Plugged into the outlet daisy chain when I turned on the computer. Ouch.

1 Five CD/Radio/Tape/MP3 Player System. Now humming to myself.

1 Flat Screen TV beyond the transformer's capacity. {deep sigh} {really deep sigh} {really, really deep sigh}

1 Senseo Coffee Maker . Fortunately in this country the coffee is pretty good and the coffee house is down the block and across the street.

Things I have not plugged in yet because I'd like to keep them, if only as attractive sculptures, at least until I figure out the current-cy exchange rate or exchange them for something with two round plug poles:

One Cuisinart Blender
Two Mission Style Brass and Parchment Tall Floor Lamps.
One electric blanket
Various None-Of-Your-Business Personal Appliances. (footbaths and nailpolish dryers, oh, ye of the filthy mind. I mean really!)
Two ceramic heaters - fortunately the bloc apartment's central radiator overheats everything. But, wow, October was chilly. Can't wait for Spring!

Oh, well. Business is picking up. Soon I'll be able to replace everything with shiny new versions that will certainly blow up when I go back to the states. Ain't life amazing?!

Anybody want to buy an artistic American collection of electronic boat anchors?

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Tudor said...

Hey, I just stumbled across your bl0og and I'm really enjoying it. As for your power supply, all you need is a high power 220 to 110 AC converter. You'll have little problems finding one at a local shop like (Germanos comes to mind). Than you will no longer have to worry about any other electrical paramenter. You just plug in your US stuff in a 110 V US style outlet. You will have to make sure the converter can take wnough power though. Last time I shopped in the States, I didn't look. I bought a 50 Watts maximum power AC converter, which promptly blew the fuse when I plugged my laptop in. Anyway, whatever you're buying, make sure it has a replaceable fuse.